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Educator Preparation Academy at OHS

The Educator Preparation Academy (EdPrep) is a unique program designed to inspire and prepare students, including bilingual and multilingual students, for entry into careers in education.  The program builds a pathway to pursue education studies at the college level at SUNY New Paltz. The EdPrep Academy is a youth participatory model that channels students’ voices about their own schooling experiences in developing responsive, relevant learning programs.  Students in grades 10 and 11 may enroll, and are expected to complete the two-year sequence.  The elective courses in the EdPrep Academy include:                                  

  • Introduction to the EdPrep Academy: The year-long elective class is geared to cultivate students’ interest, knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to be successful educators in diverse communities. The class includes guided experiences in PreK - 12 classrooms in the school district. 


  • Integrating English Language Learners in the School and Classroom (SED 319): This year-long course is a college-accredited course taken via SUNY New Paltz. The course focuses on instructional techniques and strategies for meeting the needs of English language learners (ELLs). Students will examine how language proficiency affects academic development, and how to choose the most appropriate materials and activities for the classroom. 


The Ossining School District and SUNY New Paltz are approved sites for the National Latino Education Research and Policy Project (NLERAPP), a consortium of universities and community-based organizations that spearheads programming in Latinx communities to honor diversity in our schools and promote new career opportunities for students. 

Ed Prep Academy at OHS